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Pizza Small Large
Cheese 6.99 10.95
1 Topping 7.99 12.45
2 Topping 8.99 13.95
3 Topping 9.99 15.45
4 Topping 10.99 16.95
Extra Toppings 1.00 1.50
Pizza & Calzone Toppings:
Pepperoni • Hamburger • Sausage • Meatballs • Grilled Chicken • Crispy Chicken Bacon • Green Pepper • Red Onion • Onion • Broccoli Mushroom • Black Olives • Jalapeño • Spinach • Banana Peppers • Pineapple • Garlic (Add Steak Tip + $4.50, Add Steak Cheese+ $3.50)
Our pizza sauce & dough are made fresh daily, we use only fresh vegetables & meats for our toppings. Individual slices available
Specialty Pizza Small Large
Crossroads House Special
Sausages, pepperoni, hamburger, ham, salami, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and mozzarella
10.50 17.35
Time Sliced ham, fresh pineapple and shredded mozzarella
10.50 17.35
Hometown Sausage
One the best sausage and pepperoni pizza, thanks to the caramelized onions, peppers and fresh tomatoes
10.50 17.35
Veggie Delight
Loaded with lots of fresh vegetable Broccoli, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, spinach and mozzarella
10.50 17.35
Three Cheese Margherita
Fresh tomato Sauce, fresh mozzarella, cheddar and provolone cheese finish with basil
10.50 17.35
Meat Combo
Pepperoni, sausages, ham, salami, hamburger and bacon
10.50 17.35
Buffalo Finger
Lightly breaded chicken tossed in premium hot sauce, red onions and mozzarella
10.50 17.35
BBQ Chicken
Grilled chicken tossed in premium BBQ sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese
10.50 17.35
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Fresh marinated chicken slices with sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms
10.50 17.35
Mediterranean Pizza
Feta cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese
10.50 17.35
White Pizza Small Large
Creamy Chicken Pesto
Creamy pesto sauce, soft pieces of chicken topped with mozzarella and parmesan
10.50 17.35
Spinach Leaf Pizza
Alfredo Sauce, whole lot of spinach, Ricotta and mozzarella cheese
10.50 17.35
Chicken Bacon & Artichoke
With light cream sauce, soft pieces of chicken, artichoke hearts and crispy bacon with mozzarella cheese, one piece just won’t be enough
10.50 17.35
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
A light cream sauce, soft pieces of chicken, fresh broccoli, mozzarella and parmesan cheese
10.50 17.35
White Ricotta & Spinach
Ricotta cheese & fresh spinach
10.50 17.35
White Supreme
Garlic, fresh tomatoes, basil & olive oil
10.50 17.35
Calzones Small Large
Steak & Cheese
Grilled steak & mozzarella
14.95 22.00
Ham & Cheese
Cooked ham and cheese
14.95 22.00
Meatball Parm 14.95 22.00
Sausage Parm 14.95 22.00
Chicken Parm 14.95 22.00
Grilled Chicken 14.95 22.00
Hawaiian 14.95 22.00
Buffalo Finger 14.95 22.00
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo 14.95 22.00
Veggie 14.95 22.00
Steak Bomb 14.95 22.00
Spinach & Feta
Sauteed spinach, Greek feta and mozzarella
14.95 22.00
Chicken Fajita Calzone 14.95 22.00
Add sauce 50¢, Add topping +$1.00 for small / + $1,50 for large
Choose from any pizza toppings from above. Our calzones are made to order & come with sauce aside, except for the Parmesan ones. Upon request we will put them inside of the calzone.
All subs are served on French bread. Also available in wraps
• Mayonnaise • Ketchup • Mustard • Oil • Vinegar • Salt • Black Pepper
• Lettuce • Tomatoes • Green Peppers • Onions • Pickles • Hots • Olive • Jalapeño
• American • Provolone • Cheddar • Swiss
Hot Subs Small Large
Chicken Kabob
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta & house dressing
8.00 9.25
Teriyaki Chicken Kabob   8.00 9.25
Chicken Finger   8.00 9.25
Steak & Cheese   8.00 9.25
Italian Sausage   8.00 9.25
Classic Meatball   8.00 9.25
Chicken Parm   8.00 9.25
Eggplant Parm   8.00 9.25
Veal Parm   8.00 9.25
Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes  
8.00 9.25
Buffalo Finger
Breaded chicken tossed in hot sauce, blue cheese dressing
8.00 9.25
Hot Pastrami
Tender pastrami, yellow mustard and melted Swiss cheese  
8.00 9.25
Cheese Burger
Mushrooms, onions & peppers topped with melt American cheese, salami & pepperoni
8.00 9.25
Steak Bomb
Mushrooms, onions & peppers topped with melt American cheese, salami & pepperoni
9.00 10.00
BBQ Steak Tip 10.00 11.00
BBQ Steak Tip Bomb
American cheese , onions, peppers & mushrooms
11.25 12.50
Cold Subs Small Large
Seafood Salad   7.75 8.95
Vegetarian   7.75 8.95
Tuna Salad 8.50 10.00
Italian Deli
Mortadella, genoa salami, cooked salami, hot ham and provolone cheese
8.50 10.00
Oven roasted turkey, cooked ham and American cheese
8.50 10.00
Oven Roasted Turkey 8.50 10.00
Deluxe Ham & Cheese 8.50 10.00
Natural Roast Beef 8.50 10.00
Chicken Salad
8.50 10.00
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad 8.50 10.00
Choice of: Wheat, White, Spinach or Pita Wrap
Feta, House Dressing, Green Pepper, Olives, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato 
Chicken Caesar
Caesar Dressing, Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Shredded Parmesan and Grilled Chicken
Buffalo Finger
Buffalo chicken with blue cheese and lettuce
Chicken Ranch
Grilled chicken with bacon, lettuce, carrots cucumber, American cheese and ranch dressing
Chicken Kabob
Grilled chicken with feta, House Dressing, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion  
Beef Gyro, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce
Turkey Club
Oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, lettuce & tomatoes with mayo
Chicken Noodle
A hearty, home-style classic with all-white chicken meat, tender noodles and vegetables
Broccoli Cheddar 5.95
England Clam Chowder
This rich, flavorful chowder includes tender clams, potatoes, and spices Corn
Homemade Chili
Hot stuff! This classic chili of ground beef with red and green peppers, Kidney beans and dice tomato guaranteed to make your mouth water!
Club Sandwiches
Triple-Decker Club on Wheat or White toast / with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo with pickle Choice of 2 : Fries + Onion Rings with Salad or Rice
Deli Sandwiches Sandwich Club
Served on Wheat bread, White bread or Bun Add Fries or Rice for $3
Crispy Chicken B.L.T. 7.25 12.25
Classic B.L.T
Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes
7.25 12.25
American Cheeseburger 7.25 12.25
Happy Fish
Crispy fried haddock with tartar sauce
7.25 12.25
Turkey & Cheese
Oven gold turkey and Swiss cheese
7.25 12.25
Deluxe Ham & Cheese
Deluxe ham with American cheese
7.25 12.25
Roast Beef & Cheese 7.25 12.25
Chicken Salad
Homemade classic chicken salad
7.25 12.25
Tuna Salad
All white tuna, made at Crossroad’s
7.25 12.25
Seafood Salad
Chunk of crab meat and mayo
7.25 12.25
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad 7.25 12.25
All Dinner served with choice of 2 : Fries + Onion Rings with Salad or Rice
Chicken Finger or Chicken Wings   14.95
Buffalo Finger or Buffalo Wings   15.95
Choice of Sauce • Sweet Chili • Buffalo • BBQ • Honey BBQ • Teriyaki (Extra sauce for 50¢)
Chicken Kabob Dinner
with peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic and white wine sauce
Chicken Kabob Stir-Fry
with onions, mushroom and peppers
4 Pieces Chicken Dinner 15.95
BBQ Steak Tips Dinner
Char-grilled our original marinade sirloin tips
Steak Tip Stir-Fry
with onions, mushroom and peppers
Angus Burgers
All Burger served with choice of 2 : Fries + Onion Rings with Salad or Rice (Extra Cheese $1.00, Extra Bacon $1.50, Extra Mushrooms 75¢)
Hamburger or Cheeseburger 12.95
Bacon Burger 13.95
Mushroom Burger 13.95
Double Burger 18.95
Dressing: Signature House • Italian • Lite Italian • Creamy Italian• Buttermilk Ranch • Balsamic Vinaigrette • Caesar • Russian • Greek • Honey Mustard • Parmesan Peppercorn
Salad Topper: Chicken Kabob • Buffalo Finger • Chicken Salad • Chicken Finger
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad
Steak Tip
Tuna Salad or Crabmeat
Garden Salad
Tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onions, carrots and lettuce  
Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, sliced pepper with shredded carrot  
Caesar Salad (Caesar dressing on the side)
Freshly chopped romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons covered with shredded parmesan
Antipasto Salad
Genoa salami, ham, cooked salami, provolone cheese over Garden salad
Greek Salad (Greek dressing on the side)
Fresh iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Cucumber, carrots, onion, kalamata olives topped with crumbled Feta Cheese  
Chef Salad
Baked ham, roast beef, oven roasted turkey, cheddar cheese and boiled egg over Garden salad
Chicken Kabob Salad 11.25
Steak Tip Garden Salad 12.25
Steak Tip Caesar Salad 13.25
Fried Seafood Plate
Served with choice of 2 : Fries + Onion Rings with Salad or Rice And Homemade cole slaw and tartar sauce
Haddock Plate 20.95
Shrimp Plate 19.95
2 Way Combo Plate (Haddock & Shrimp) 25.99
Fried Seafood Box Small Large
Served with Homemade cole slaw and tartar sauce
Haddock Box   16.50
Shrimp Box 14.50 18.50
Pasta Dinners
Your choice of Linguini • Penne • Ravioli • Manicotti • Stuffed Shells
Served with Garlic bread & Salad
Pasta with Marinara
Your choice of pasta with our homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Meatball Parm
Savory meatballs with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Chicken Parm
Crispy, Italian seasoned chicken cutlet with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Eggplant Parm
Lightly breaded crisp eggplant with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Veal Parm
Lightly breaded crisp veal, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Sausage Parm
Grilled Italian sausage with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Meat Lasagna
Made with fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese with meat sauce
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo 
Light cream sauce, soft pieces of chicken and fresh broccoli with Penne. Finish with parmesan (Substitute for Steak Tip)
Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp sautéed with butter, garlic and olive oil, tossed with Linguini
Shrimp Broccoli Alfredo
Light cream sauce, sautéed shrimp and fresh broccoli with Penne, Finish with parmesan (Substitute for Steak Tip)
Appetizers Small Large
Chicken Finger or Chicken Wings 9.00 13.00
Buffalo Finger or Buffalo Wings 10.00 14.00
Choice of Sauce (Extra sauce for 50¢)
• Sweet Chili • Buffalo • BBQ • Honey BBQ • Teriyaki
French Fries
Straight cut fries, fried just perfect golden crispy
4.25 6.25
Steak Cut Fries
Thick cut fries light & fluffy texture and great potato flavor
4.25 6.25
Spicy Fries 4.25 6.25
Sweet Potato Fries
Slim cut sweet potato fries, finely coated, fry to perfection
4.50 5.50
Cheesy Fries
Our classic French fries topped with melted cheese sauce.
4.50 6.50
Onion Rings
Coated with a tempura, better to offer a light and crispy bite
4.75 6.50
Mozzarella Sticks
Served with marinara sauce.
9.00 13.00
Jalapeno Poppers
Come with cream cheese served with marinara sauce
9.00 13.00
Broccoli & Cheese Bites
Cheddar cheese with mini broccoli florets ans sweet onions covered in a crisp potato batter
9.00 13.00
Macaroni & Cheese Bits
Creamy cheddar cheese is mixed with macaroni and coated with a crispy cheddar batter
9.00 13.00
Breaded Mushrooms
Whole button mushrooms have a traditionally seasoned breading and fried to golden crisp  
9.00 13.00
Popcorn Chicken 9.00 13.00
Toasted Ravioli 9.00 13.00
Soda Can (12 Oz.) 1.50
Soda Bottle (20 Oz.) 2.25
2 LTR Bottle
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta
Iced Tea
Lemon, Peach and Raspberry
Vitamin Water                                                                                                                                                                          2.25
Tropical Citrus, Kiwi Strawberry, Fruit Punch, Zero Sugar Lemonade, X.X.X, Dragonfruit
Cookies or Brownie 2.50
Slice of Cake 
Chocolate Peanut Butter, Carrot, Oreo Mousse, Tiramisu, Cheescake
Plain, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ, Salt & Cracked Pepper, Sweet Maui Onion
All orders are welcomed, we have a wide variety of pizzas & calzones. Please give a 24 hour notice for catering orders. 
“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.”
Mass. & Local Meal Tax 7%. Price, items & offers are subject to change without notice.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.
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